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True peace of mind

With the future value of your Audi established at the beginning of the contract, you can be confident about your future commitments, while enjoying a competitive monthly instalment.

To find out more about the program, visit an Audi dealership and speak to an Audi Finance and Insurance  Business Manager today.

*The Audi Choice Program is available on all new Audi vehicles for selected models only. Please verify with your dealership which vehicles are eligible for the program. The Guaranteed Future Value is not a representation by Audi Financial Services as to the likely market value of your vehicle as at the end of your contract.  If vehicles are not returned in an acceptable condition, as defined in the terms and conditions or exceed kilometre restrictions additional charges will apply. Please read the full terms and conditions. Full terms and conditions are available upon application. Audi Choice is only available in conjunction with an Audi Financial Services contract. Subject to credit assessment.  Fleet, government, rental buyers, hire car and chauffeur companies are excluded. Audi Financial Services is a division of Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd, an authorised financial services and credit provider. NCRCP6635 .

#See the Audi Choice Fair Wear and Tear Guide, downloadable on this page, for more information on the required conditions and circumstances in which the guaranteed future value will be reduced.

Own your future with Audi Choice

To ensure you get even greater value out of your new Audi, we’ve developed the Audi Choice Program. This finance solution is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of Audi drivers, providing assurance around your Audi’s future value, packaged with our flexible finance products to give you peace of mind.

Audi Choice Finance Solutions are currently available for the Audi A4, and the Audi A5. By safeguarding the future value of your vehicle, you can be confident your investment is protected.

Audi Choice key benefits:

  • Assurance of your Audi’s future value, helping to protect your investment
  • A choice of options at the end of your Audi Financial Services contract term
  • A personally tailored solution, based on the term and usage of your vehicle
  • The perfect opportunity to upgrade your Audi to the latest model more often
  • Total confidence, with the assurance of a finance solution designed for Audi drivers

Enjoy the power of Choice

The Guaranteed Future Value of your Audi is established at the beginning of the contract term, depending on the model and contract option you choose.

You will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing in advance the value you can receive for your vehicle at the end of the term of your contract#.

At the end of your term, you can choose to:


If you wish to trade-in your Audi for a new vehicle, all you need to do is return it to your Audi dealership. Your Audi Finance and Insurance Business Manager can then assist you with a finance solution on the Audi Choice Program tailored to your needs.


If you prefer to retain your Audi, simply let us know. You can choose to pay cash or apply for refinancing your Guaranteed Future Value at the end of the contract. Please speak to your Audi Finance and Insurance Business Manager for information on how we can help you.


Simply return your vehicle to your Audi dealer at the end of the term. If the vehicle meets the agreed requirements, we will guarantee the value of the vehicle as set out in the beginning of your Audi Choice contract without any further implications to you.*

Maintaining your Audi

Your new Audi is an investment in quality, so we understand that you want to maintain it in premium condition. To ensure the integrity of the Audi Choice Program, your Audi must be in acceptable condition when you return it to us and must not exceed the kilometre limit as set out in the beginning of the contract. Of course, we also understand that some reasonable wear and tear is to be expected, but it needs to remain within the provisions defined within the terms and conditions of your Audi Choice contract. The acceptable condition of the vehicle takes into account reasonable wear and tear for everyday use, which is outlined in our Fair Wear and Tear Guide. The Guide can be downloaded below.

Download the Audi Choice Fair Wear and Tear Guide

Audi Choice FAQ

What finance terms can I have under Audi Choice?

Currently, we offer terms of 24, 36 and 48 months in conjunction with the Audi Choice Program.

What happens if I exceed the kilometre limit?

The kilometre limit is set at the start of your contract. Currently, we offer terms of 20 000kms, 25 000kms and 30 000kms per annum in conjunction with the Audi Choice Program (The selected annual kilometre limit will affect the Guaranteed Future Value). If you exceed the kilometre limit, there is an excess kilometre charge that will reduce the value of your Guaranteed Future Value.

Is Audi Choice available on all Audi vehicles?

The Audi Choice Program is available for selected new models only. Please talk to your local Audi dealer to confirm which models are eligible for the program.

Are there any exclusions with this option?

Yes, the Audi Choice Program is not available in conjunction with any other finance offer. It also excludes Fleet Clients, Rentals, Hire Car, Chauffeur Companies or Government Buyers.

Can I finance any factory options, warranty and insurance under the program?

Yes. Factory fitted options, warranty and certain insurance products are eligible for inclusion on the finance contract. Your Audi Finance and Insurance Business Manager will be able to provide you with more information.

What is the ‘acceptable condition’ of a vehicle?

This takes into account a vehicle’s age, kilometres and overall covering condition from mechanics to bodywork, electrics to upholstery and fair wear and tear (FWT) which is the amount of deterioration that would be reasonable. You can find more information about FWT by downloading our guide here